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29 October 2015
CSR Gyprock is proud to announce the launch of Gyprock Plus.

CSR Gyprock is proud to announce the launch of Gyprock Plus. Gyprock Plus sees the standard 10 mm plasterboard advanced to feature Gyprock’s revolutionary Optimised Core technology and a thicker, stronger face paper.

Optimised Core is the next major manufacturing technology advancement for Gyprock, following the launch of its Controlled Density technology in 1992. Optimised Core technology is a cutting-edge development for today’s industry enabling an advanced performance-to-weight ratio for plasterboard. This means that a greater breaking strength can be achieved in a substantially lighter board, as well as exceeding the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS2588.

The innovative technology was launched in 2014 through Gyprock Supaceil, which is part of Gyprock’s standard range of premium residential plasterboards, designed for ceiling applications. In 2015 Gyprock continues to evolve its standard plasterboard range by incorporating Optimised Core technology into its popular 10 mm board.

Gyprock’s 10 mm standard plasterboard has been Australia’s preferred choice for residential applications in standard installations for over 60 years. Now, with the inclusion of Optimised Core technology, the new Gyprock Plus provides balanced improvements over a variety of attributes. At no extra cost, the result is a stronger, lighter plasterboard with significantly better manoeuvrability, lifting and handling.

The key attributes of Gyprock Plus are:

  • Stronger – more robust with better breaking strength for improved handling and installed performance. Gyprock Plus provides 7.5 percent greater machine-direction breaking strength than the previous standard 10 mm plasterboard and has improved production consistency
  • Lighter – while the strength has been improved, the innovative technology has allowed the weight of Gyprock Plus to be optimised, making it easier to lift, carry and install
  • Significantly improved score and snap – in addition, Gyprock Plus is lined with a superior face paper that is approximately 30 percent heavier than standard, contributing to the strength of the board, producing a crisper score and snap experience for cleaner cuts and squarer edges.

The science behind optimised plasterboard: Optimised Core technology works by manipulating the characteristics of a typical plaster mix to achieve an optimised performance-to-weight ratio. The strength requirement in a plasterboard lining is not uniform throughout, for example there is a difference between the strength required at the face of plasterboard, to that needed at the centre of the core.

Through the revolutionary technology, Gyprock’s technical experts have been able to manipulate the structure of the core to meet strength requirements by focusing density where it is needed. Weight is removed by a reduction in density at the core. The stronger, thicker face paper assists with bending strength and helps to ensure a crisper score and snap.

Optimised Core plasterboards continue to exceed the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS2588. Since it was launched in 2014, Supaceil with Optimised Core technology has been a proven success; it has received consistently positive feedback from plasterboard installers, confirming that the benefits of Optimised Core technology in plasterboard represent real product improvements for the trade.

There is no change to Gyprock Standard 13mm plasterboard.

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