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5 January 2015
360 Folding Acoustic Portable Room Divider, Charcoal Fabric, On Wheels, 1.83 m H x 5.94 m L.

With space a premium within many schools across Australia, there is often a requirement to utilise a classroom for both teaching and administrative purposes.

Private spaces to conduct one-on-one student sessions are needed, as well as the flexibility to create an in-classroom office space for admin duties. Combining both can be challenging and often expensive.

Adaptability and flexibility of space becomes paramount to effectively manage the ongoing challenges faced by schools in terms of how they fully maximise available space. Budgets also play a major role when choosing potential solutions.

Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) were recently approached by Grant High school in South Australia to help provide a solution to effectively create a dual purpose teaching and administration space within a large classroom.

The client brief was to ensure separate and defined areas could be easily created, with the option to quickly open the room back out to its full capacity as and when required.

The product selection of the 360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider provided a simple and highly cost effective solution to their problem. Made from an acoustic honeycomb board with a fabric finish for noise dampening purposes, the room divider is ideal for splitting classrooms for multi-functions.

Chris Height, Manager of the Flexible Learning Centre at Grant High School commented:-

"We purchased two mobile room dividers from PPA. One divider is in continuous use by our Youth Worker so that she is able to have a confidential and private area to work with students. The second room divider is used in the administration area I work in, when I have meetings with students and parents. Using both room dividers allow us to have non-permanent walls within the large space and provides the flexibility to place them according to needs."
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