Creating a superior exterior at Adelaide Oval

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16 January 2015
Creating a superior exterior at Adelaide Oval

As a provider of exterior lighting products, the WE-EF brand makes a significant impression on visitors to the newly redeveloped Adelaide Oval as well as facilitates their use of the space.

The scope of this project means numerous WE-EF products have been installed throughout the site to perform different functions. However, there are four that stand out relative to functionality and design: the DAC240 surface mounted exterior downlight; the VFL540 LED street and area lighting luminaire; the STO259 steplight; and the colour-changing FLC100 series LED/RGB luminaire.

The facade of the building uses DAC240 luminaires to feature the mesh-like decorative design as well as structural columns positioned in three of the entrance atriums, with light emitted both upwards and downwards. The lighting assists crowd circulation through the Western, Riverbank and Eastern stands via covered concourses up to 10 metres wide, while multi-level atriums, lifts, escalators and stairs deliver spectators to their destinations.

“The reason they went with the DAC240 fitting was due to its capacity for remote gearing,” said JSB Lighting’s Paul Mark. “Then, to retain the look of the installation, they continued with surface mounted fittings throughout the facility”. Many of the DAC240 fittings were installed under the trellis of the seating stands above, directly into concrete, meaning the architects needed to come up with a high-performance luminaire that was not recessed.

WE-EF provided a solution with the DAC240, 70 W metal halide luminaires, part of a range that has been adapted to include a narrower lens frame and a virtually flat luminaire cover.

The redevelopment team also utilised the STO259 steplight from WE-EF, a product that had been used in upgrading one of the facility’s heritage-listed grandstands several years earlier. The recessed 18 W fluorescent luminaires were used on stairs and walkways.

The FLC100 LED projectors, suited to building and monument lighting applications, in this instance were used in combination with the DAC240 luminaires in the main corridors of the stadium. With RGB capability, the projectors provided a rich programmable range of colour that enabled the execution of a dynamic design of the Adelaide Oval, as it will play host to a variety of sporting and music events.

The areas that have arguably experienced the biggest facelift in relation to technology and appearance are the pedestrian areas leading into the Adelaide Oval. Previously, the areas extending from the southern, eastern and northern sections of the grounds were illuminated with metal halide lamps in outdated equipment. They have been replaced with WE-EF VFL540 LED street and area lighting luminaires featuring [R65] ‘forward throw’ light distribution, and which provide a range of power usages from 24 W.

“When it comes to the quality of pole top fittings and reduced energy savings, no one can really touch WE-EF in that area,” said Paul Mark. “The site went from a 150 W fitting down to a 48 W fitting, without lumen depreciation or the need to replace lamps every 18 months,” he said, adding that the project had incorporated three different wattage levels, depending on the position of the luminaire and the light levels required.

Mark also noted that the 10-year warranty on the luminaires provided a compelling business case for the redevelopment management team.

While the external pedestrian lighting does not employ motion sensor or automatic dimming, there is provision and further potential to install such technology in the future in the car park area, which is currently being considered for redevelopment.


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