Councils outsmart vandals by using glassless Uni-Solar modules

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26 June 2013

Councils throughout Australia are often on the back foot when it comes to vandalism of public property. Bus shelters, amenities blocks and Rest Areas are often targets of not only graffiti, but also smashed and damaged glass panels and lights.

One company, Solar Power Australia, has taken the lead in offering glassless solar modules that adhere to, and lay flush with, the roof so they are virtually undetectable. By using these modules, Councils and Transport Departments are able to power public structures without the power source being jeopardised.

Solar companies have been inundated with enquiries from businesses and government groups wanting to understand how they can reduce power costs. They have found that part of the solution is definitely in solar power as it has many and varied applications for a relatively small investment. Uni-Solar modules have proven to be perfect for public areas where vandalism and/or theft are an issue.

Newcastle Council has started rolling out solar powered Bus Shelters using Uni-Solar modules, which have proven extremely effective and reliable as a power source for lighting the shelters.

  • Electricity prices have increased by almost 50% over the last 3 years
  • Solar power is a clean, cheap alternative
  • By using solar power experts to assess requirements businesses can significantly reduce energy costs
  • Uni-Solar modules are extremely popular but are in limited supply
  • Councils are becoming more and more aware of their green image - Brisbane Council has a commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2026

With the Australian government trying to reach its renewable energy target of 20% of total energy consumption by 2020, the pressure is on for Australian businesses and government groups to explore alternate energy sources, such as solar power, and save rate-payers money at the same time.

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