Corona Heliostat – find your beach

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9 October 2014
Corona Heliostat – find your beach

Corona Extra has been a popular choice of beer all over the world. The brand is owned globally by Anheuser-Busch InBev. In line with its “find your beach” theme, the Canadian team at A-B InBev has created a novel way to bring summer sunshine to its consumers by means of the Corona Heliostat Sun Beam Delivery truck.

Many bars and pubs would dream of being an establishment by the beach, but in this case, it’s not necessary as Corona seeks to deliver warm sunshine wherever its customers are. The ‘Corona Sun Beam’ truck features an articulated boom fitted with a custom mirror that reflects light and radiates warmth to outdoor beer gardens and patios in major city locations.

The technical side of sunshine

The marketing campaign, envisaged and executed by Canadian advertising agency Zulu Alpha Kilo called for a specialist in sun technology to assist with design and implementation. Kennovations, having previously developed the heliostat lighting system for One Central Park, Sydney, and having experience with large experiential marketing builds were identified as the perfect partners to assist with the exciting project.

“It was the technical aspects of the project that were important to the client,” stated General Manager, Tim Phillips. “Our design experience enabled us to minimise risk and manage performance for the clients.”

Separated by geographic miles, Kennovations provided consultation to specify the mirror location ensuring the reflector would provide sufficient lighting to make the campaign a success. Google Maps, Google Earth and CAD software were utilised to simulate height of surrounding buildings, angle of reflections and truck parking positions.

Site geometry was also explored to identify opportunities and limitations for each potential site such as existing shading patterns and surrounding architecture. Kennovations provided insight into Heliostat manufacture including advice to manage key factors such as wind and tight access to sites.

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