Construction bracing made easy

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3 October 2012
Construction bracing made easy
A fast, smart and simple system with a range of applications.

Uni-Piers are well known and widely used by tradesmen across Australia. When the company was asked why there wasn’t a bracing product available that could be used to brace steel posts such as Uni-Piers, as well as timber, the idea soon became reality.

The need was recognised for a product to make bracing quick and easy to install, of lightweight design with the ability to sustain normal loads and to simply “look good”.

Often, bracing is installed by tradesmen without consideration of the loads that may be sustained. Worse, the size and type of bracing often used is decided without consulting a structural engineer, with results that have the potential to be catastrophic and costly.

Uni-Brace is the solution.

The product is fully engineered, lightweight, easy and quick to install, requires no cutting and has a full bracing effect in both compression and tension. It can even be used where the brace configuration is “non-symmetrical’’ such as on sloping sites.

Uni-Brace can also be used as a temporary brace for framing and general construction purposes.

Uni-Brace is available in four sizes, each pre-assembled and compact for delivery and storage. The galvanised finish enables use in most locations.

The key feature of Uni-Brace is the unique telescopic diagonal adjustment system and centre assembly. The unit is easily opened to the required diagonal measurement by adjusting the tubular components and alignment through the centre assembly.

The only tools required are a power drill and bit to install self-drilling and tapping screws into steel and an “Alan Key” or suitable power bit for the tightening of the special bolts in the centre assembly. Also useful is a clamp for holding the unit in positionwhile installing the Uni-Brace.

Uni-Brace is fast becoming recognised as the new quick and easy solution for bracing in domestic construction.

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