Constant improvements – refining the Breezway Aluminium Blade

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9 September 2014
Constant improvements – refining the Breezway Aluminium Blade
Constant improvements of Breezway Aluminium Blades.

At Breezway we aim to constantly improve our products to make them perform better, last longer, look more attractive and be easier or more convenient to use. Sometimes we make a big change which results in a significant leap forward in one or more of these areas. Other times we make a small, subtle change which might not even be noticed, but which nonetheless makes our products that little bit better.

If you use Breezway Aluminium Blades in the near future you might notice two small changes:

  1. A new ‘bulb’ seal with a lower profile than the ‘flap’ seal which we’ve used for the past years, and
  2. The removal of the seal channel at the top of the blade.

The bulb seal is smaller and therefore less visible than the flap seal and the bulb seal no longer requires the seal channel which allowed us to give the top of the blade a cleaner design.

Current aluminium blades and the new refined aluminium blades cannot be mixed within a single window as the different seal designs will either prevent the window from closing fully, or will not seal fully.


Breezway manufactures Altair Louvre Windows in glass, timber and aluminium. They are energy and cyclone rated and suitable for multi-storey applications.

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