Concrete, glass and timber a winning combo

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14 June 2016
Photographer: Sam Noonan.

Architects Ink’s design for Plane Tree House, the winner of the Institute of Architecture South Australia’s residential architecture award, uses the raw beauty of concrete, timber and glass to complement its natural environment, showing us that rather than dominating the landscape, breath-taking results can be achieved through working with the site and materials. Poised on the hills surrounding Adelaide, Plane Tree House balances

Poised on the hills surrounding Adelaide, Plane Tree House balances a brutal beauty of concrete with the translucence of glass to create a design that is as much sculpture as a house. The clean lines of the concrete cut across the horizon as if to frame the very best views Adelaide has to offer, just for the residents' convenience.

Plane Tree House’s fireplaces have been installed in the prime social areas of the house: the DL1100 in the dining room, and the EF500 in the outdoor eating space.

"The thing I love most about the design is the way it mixes clean form and raw building materials. The visual clutter is minimised. And in that way the house gives some breathing space to appreciate the small things in life," says architectural advisor for Escea Richard Miller.
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