Compound timber curve in NBRS MAMA gallery upgrade

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23 February 2017
Supawood panels were installed as a curved feature wall as part of the MAMA refurbishment. Photography: Simon Wood Photography.

NBRS + Partners have refurbished two heritage-listed buildings and added a new two-storey exhibition space to the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) in NSW, the interior of which has been enhanced with a unique use of Supawood panels.

The final design incorporates a sweeping, double-storey wall in the foyer, which curves from top to bottom as well as from left to right – a feature that presented the challenge of sourcing a timber lining that could be manipulated to follow the compound curve. Supacoustic and Supaline concept timber veneer panelling were ideal, as these products could be made to curve where required. 

The smoothness of the curve has been made possible by using smaller and thinner panels. Perforated Supacoustic acoustic panels have mainly been used, but by mixing in the occasional smooth Supaline panel, a decorative chequered pattern has been achieved. The acoustic panels help to address noise reverberation in this high open space and the warm Supafinish Fusion Maple finish adds a welcoming ambience. Perforated Supacoustic acoustic panels have also been installed on ceilings throughout many of the other new areas to address noise reverberation and to add aesthetic appeal.

Supacolour White panels break up the expanse of the ceiling in the Gallery Shop and increase reflective light into the space, while Supafinish Fusion Maple panels add interest to the shop walls.

The Noise echo in the wide-open space of the Café has been dulled by installing a ceiling in Supafinish Spotted Gum, optically lowering the ceiling height and adding the warmth of timber to the interior.

All panelling used has been supplied with a fire-retardant MDF substrate to address stringent BCA fire hazard regulations. The MDF used has a low formaldehyde emission plus the finishes used are low VOC. All these features address the sustainable principles required by the client to successfully help make this project green-friendly.

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