Coming clean: Safe drinking water for all

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4 October 2013
Coming clean: Safe drinking water for all

The success of any company depends directly on the productivity and performance of its employees and within the workplace, it is the responsibility of employers to promote healthy habits to ensure the wellness of its employees.

Each day, many Australian workers are exposed to a number of potentially harmful chemicals and impurities through drinking water and in order to ensure that Australian workers have access to the purest drinking water, Billi has joined forces with Pentair (Everpure) to launch a new range of high performance water filters.

Billi is renowned as the ultimate drinking water appliance and the alliance with Pentair – a worldwide leader in water filtration systems – has ensured that many of the chemicals that pose a danger to health are now effectively filtered out, enabling g the delivery of safe drinking water to employees.

Good hydration is of the utmost importance for both mental and physical health and providing access to pure and clean drinking water makes it more desirable for employees to make the healthier choice of choosing pure and clean water over soft drinks, energy drinks and coffee.

The new filtration systems offer the very latest in innovative technology, including a five stage filtration process (sediment, mechanical, chemical, mineral, bacterial and chloramine) and are specifically designed to cater to the poorer water quality areas throughout Australia and provide high quality and healthy drinking water.

The new alliance with Pentair to introduce the fully certified and high performance water filters complements Billi’s already impressive range of boiling and chilled water systems, which are designed to be the ultimate drinking appliance for kitchens, boardrooms and the office.

Billi’s new range of filters offer market leading performance, producing a higher flow rate, lower pressure drop and longer life and are also the only filtration product on the Australian market to offer a chloramine removal filter for boiling and chilled water units. The filters boast a specific chloramine filter that eradicates this potentially dangerous chemical that has been introduced by some of Australia’s water suppliers.

Chloramine – a combination of chlorine and ammonia – is now used as a supposedly safer water disinfectant in many areas throughout Australia and standard filters fail to eradicate this chemical from drinking water. Chloramine produces a number of by-products, including iodoacetic acid, which is considered toxic and is widely regarded as carcinogenic.

“With Billi and Pentair partnering for the launch of the new range of filters, those experiencing poor water quality throughout certain areas of Australia will now have access to pure, clean and healthy drinking water,” said Billi Marketing Manager, Katie Jones.

“Billi’s award winning boiling and chilled water drinking systems are preferred by designers and architects for their timeless styling and spacing saving design and are also greatly beneficial to installers, boasting the smallest underbench unit footprint and ease of installation.”

Billi is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high quality boiling and chilled drinking water systems that offer energy and water efficiency benefits.


Billi’s Aqua Genius takes everyday tap water and makes it so much better. Right back to the way nature intended. Pure. Filtered, boiling, chilled, sparkling. Aqua Genius, that’s Billi.

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