Cold feet? Insulate your home with Expol

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10 May 2011
Cold feet? Insulate your home with Expol

Expol Underfloor Insulation is the preferred choice when insulating your home. Stop heat entering in summer and escaping in winter, enjoy warmer feet and save around 12% on your heating bill. Expol Underfloor Insulation is safe and easy to install and can be applied to both new and existing homes.

Ceiling insulation stops hot air leaving your roof, but does nothing to inhibit heat lost from the walls and floor. A floor allowing a draught in can lead to ceiling insulation to be almost useless when cold air blows through. Expol Underfloor insulation can counter this problem and result in greater comfort for you in your home.

Expol is designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer from the floor. With a minimum R-Value of 1.4, Expol exceeds the current recommended R-Value for timber floors.

All panels are concertina cut on both sides to allow for a compression of up to 20mm for ease of installation, and to ensure a snug fit between the joists. Expol is designed that it can be easily installed by the homeowner, or Austech can recommend a qualified installer to do it for you.

Expol is ideal for both new homes and retro-fitting into existing homes. The benefits include:

New Floors

  • Great for pole houses and exposed timber floors
  • Improves the insulation rating of your home
  • For technical information please refer to the BRANZ appraisal

Existing Floors

  • Great for polished floor areas in bungalows & villas
  • Non allergic and non irritating
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • No more draughty floors
  • Insulate with EXPOL for a dryer, healthier home

Don’t miss out this winter. Contact Austech to make an enquiry to our experienced technical team.

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