Club Havana carpets – 1956 by Tai Ping

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20 April 2017
Club Havana carpets – 1956 by Tai Ping
The Club Havana carpet collection takes inspiration from the colours, textures and designs of 1920s–1950s Cuba.

The 1920s is when Cuba's tourist trade really took off. Hotels, restaurants, night clubs, golf clubs and casinos sprung up in Havana catering to the rich jet-setters seeking luxury. Socialites, debutantes, celebrities like Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, and American mobsters came to play in the Cuban paradise. As we enter into 2017 with Cuba re-opening up, so has our inspired thoughts of design and the "The Havana high life" of the 1920s–1950s.

1956 by Tai Ping has taken a few of its archival carpet designs that encapsulate this vibrant and glamorous time in history to present the newest time capsule collection – welcome to Club Havana.


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