Clever Cleanflush innovation from Caroma

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18 March 2016
Clever Cleanflush innovation from Caroma.

Caroma this month introduces Australia to the latest in bathroom technology with its innovative new Cleanflush toilets.

Drawing on its 75-year history of product innovation, Caroma sets a new standard for toilets with Cleanflush. Incorporating a rimless bowl design and patent-pending flushing system, this breakthrough bathroom product ensures ultimate hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Lead by Caroma’s research and development manager, Dr. Steve Cummings, the Caroma team dedicated two years to produce Cleanflush’s optimum combination of flow, force and precision alignment.

"At Caroma, we constantly challenge ourselves to create new products that are at the forefront of industry innovation. After developing the first two-button Dualflush toilet system – now standard throughout the world – then creating the award-winning Smartflush system, we looked ahead to what the industry required next," explained Dr. Cummings.

"Hygiene is a crucial concern for every Australian home and so we sought to revolutionise our product with this in mind. More than just a rimless toilet, our integrated Cleanflush solutions delivers superior flushing performance and makes manual cleaning much more efficient."

Caroma Cleanflush patent pending, breakthrough flush solution includes the following technology:

  • Innovative flow splitter for optimum wash coverage
  • Flow contours for superior washdown
  • Flow balancer that controls and directs the flush and is matched in performance to Caroma’s optimum sump design

The Cleanflush collection is available in two Caroma ranges, Liano and Urbane.

Liano’s miminalist and sleek style lends itself to modern bathrooms, while the Urbane Cleanflush is a classically versatile design that works in both contemporary and classic bathroom environments.

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