Central Shule Chabad Project

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9 September 2013
Central Shule Chabad Project

KHD supplied the Central Shule Chabad Project, in Caulfield South, with StoneClip™, a mechanical stone fixings. StoneClip allows heavy stone to be fixed to a range of substrates.

Central Shule Chabad is an 800-seat synagogue that features a library, conference rooms and training areas for community activity.

Idle Architecture Studio designed the building to be a purpose-built synagogue for the greater Jewish community. The building featured many angles and curvature designs, which represent the varied migrations within the community.

The concave shape honed Bluestone façade was fixed using Uni-Strut rails and 8 mm adjustable stone clips.

The Builder Behmer & Wright worked closely with KHD to apply the StoneClip to this complicated design. One of the major advantages of StoneClip is specialised tools or expertise is not required for a successful installation.

The StoneClip allows for flexible positioning along the Uni-Strut rails. StoneClip can also be fixed with or without grout joints. The kerfs are inserted at critical points only, and reconstructed with epoxy. Edges are not weakened by employing a continuous cut along the top and bottom edge of the stone panels.

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