Centaman makes its entrance at the new SGAC

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11 October 2013
Centaman makes its entrance at the new SGAC
Centurion EasyGate at SGAC.

6 lanes of Centurion EasyGate from Centaman Entrance Control have been installed at the new Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) in Rooty Hill, NSW as part of their recent redevelopment.

The Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre (SGAC) features a 4,000 sqm Olympic grade gymnastics facility, two 25 metre swimming pools and a sports medicine and rehabilitation centre. Importantly, the SGAC is as much about striving as it is about success. In addition to catering for first-rate, top-level ranked athletes, the centre aims to encourage sport participation and skill development for all community members of all ages and physical ability. Centaman Entrance control worked alongside SGAC’s architects to come up with an entrance control solution designed to complement this exciting new development. Centaman Entrance Control promoted the operational speed, slim design and ease of use features of their EasyGate SG for the main entrance. The sleek and stylish nature of the product was in synergy with the design of the building itself.

Centurion EasyGate SG uses glass barriers in conjunction with state-of-the-art optical technology to provide a high throughput security gate. The bi-directional glass barriers are designed to work in a ‘normally closed' mode and open after a valid card has been presented to allow the authorised user to pass. The barriers are designed to close quickly behind the authorised person to deter tailgaters whilst the IR sensors monitor the lane to detect unauthorised entry and ensure the safety of users. The barriers open in a door like motion which enables the pedestal to be only 200mm wide and the same slim pedestal can be used in wide DDA compliant lanes which ensures the turnstiles have a minimal visual impact to distract from the overall building design.

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