Centaman launching new RFID lock for lockers

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12 November 2012
Centaman launching new RFID lock for lockers

Centaman, a market leading supplier to the leisure and attractions industry, has launched a new range of RFID locker locks. The SI Locks are designed to streamline locker management for facilities whilst simplifying locker use for members and visitors. The SI Locks ensure quick and easy access to lockers, while eliminating the chance of losing locker keys or forgetting combination codes. The system also provides maximum security as RFID is recognized as one the most accurate and reliable technologies available.

The SI Lock is normally unlocked and when a user wants to use a locker he holds up his RFID credentials to the lock, this locks the locker and only the same RFID credential or a master over ride card will then unlock that locker.

SI Lock is available with an optional ‘off line’ management software solution that provides typical ‘on line’ features but saves the cost of hardwiring the locks back to the management system.

“The SI locks provide a highly cost effective alternative to the traditional padlock or key based locker systems,” said Michael Bystram, head of access control at Centaman. “Users can their existing Mifare credential, be it cards, wristbands or key fobs, to lock any free locker. This is typically the same credential used to gain access to the facility through any access control point such as doors and turnstiles. The system is wire free which makes the installation highly cost effective whilst the read / write technology of SI Locks creates a virtual network. Therefore we can programme only certain cards to work at a specific site, add validity times to cards to match membership periods and provide advanced features like generating lock histories and battery status reports.”

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