Centaman Entrance Control add Intelli-Motion Speed Control

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7 November 2013
Centaman Entrance Control add Intelli-Motion Speed Control
Centurion 200 with Intelli-Motion Speed Control.

CENTAMAN’s next generation Centurion full and ½ height turnstiles now feature Intelli-Motion Speed Control Technology. Intelli-Motion speed control is designed to improve the user experience by providing a consistently smooth, controlled, rotation. The turnstiles microprocessor custom-adjusts the rotation speed of the turnstile to the user. If the user pushes gently, the turnstile turns slowly. If the user pushes hard, the turnstiles’ speed automatically increases. This kind of consistently controlled rotation is safer for the user and substantially reduces turnstile wear and tear in heavy use installations for lower maintenance requirement and a longer life span. Intelli-Motion solves the issue where certain turnstiles won’t release if the barrier is being pushed on when access is granted or where they are harder to push than others and where recoil from the turnstile arms can sometimes be a problem.

“Intelli-Motion Speed Control Technology is a huge step forward in turnstile technology – its designed to make the turnstiles quieter, safer and easier to use with a virtually maintenance operation” say Michael Bystram, General Manager for Centaman Entrance Control. “Intelli-Motion Speed Control Technology will extend the turnstile motors life so we will now be able to get close to a Mean Time Between Failure rate of 3,000,000 operations which is a lot of coming and goings at your typical installation.”

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