Celmec Heatray TRH at Dingley International Hotel

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1 August 2016
Celmec Heatray TRH at Dingley International Hotel
Celmec Heatray TRH UP6 at Dingley International Hotel.

Celmec has been involved in the renovations at the Dingley International Hotel in Dingley Village, Victoria. As a part of the renovations, an efficient and effective heating solution was required for the dining area.

Three of Celmec’s Heatray Tube Radiant Heaters (TRH UP6) were installed into the dining area, and fitted with protective mesh guards; providing warm, radiant heat. The heat generated by the TRH is similar to that projected by the sun, without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

The Heatray TRH UP6 is one of the smaller TRH models, and can heat up to 70 square meters. Larger TRH models, such as the TRH UP9 or UP12, have the potential to heat up to 160 square meters, depending on mounting heights and the space being heated.

Celmec has recently been granted an exemption for the Heatray TRH. Heatray TRH units can now be mounted below the 3500 mm mounting height restrictions, provided the unit is fitted with a protective mesh guard, allowing for mounting at 2700 mm. The Dingley International Hotel took advantage of this exemption and dramatically improved the effectiveness of the TRH UP6 units, as efficiency, responsible use of energy and running costs are all governed by the proximity of the heat source to the people and objects being heated.

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