Can printed splashbacks work for large developments?

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2 September 2015
Can printed splashbacks work for large developments?
The stunning printed splashbacks will turn your project into a masterpiece showcasing your individuality and flair.

This is major dilemma faced by many large projects.

Your high quality apartments and homes deserve high quality features and finishes. However when the estimator and builder comes in, many of the most stunning features get taken out. And one of the most desirable features is a printed splashback and wall feature in a shower or in a kitchen. Perhaps even under the kitchen bench.

They’ve been very popular on the renovation TV shows. And you know your buyers will jump at such an amazing feature. However, there’s always been that one problem; the cost. Printing on glass is expensive. Hideously expensive.

The good news is there is an alternative.

Now you can get a printed splashback produced from acrylic instead of glass. And it looks exactly the same. Now, you might be wondering...isn’t glass superior to acrylic? Actually, no it isn't.

Some acrylics are clearer than glass, such as the acrylic used by Innovative Splashbacks. It’s optically clear, which means it’s as clear as eye-glasses. And it doesn’t have the green tinge you get with glass splashbacks. They are also far less expensive because the process used is far simpler, not to mention that it uses significantly less resources. And it’s actually far more effective.

Just think about and acrylic were designed for very specific purposes. But printing isn’t one of them. Which is why the company uses a specialized surface designed just for high definition printing. It’s the reason they create such sharp, crisp images, EXACTLY like printed glass.

Second, acrylic is a lot easier to work with than glass. It’s half the weight and 25 times stronger, making installation a breeze.

Glass splashbacks are easy to break. With acrylic splashbacks you wont have a heart attack if the kids tap the fruit bowl into the splashback – you are not going to see thousands of dollars worth of splashback in a gazillion little pieces all over your benchtop! And it has a small amount of flex in it which makes it easy to work with.

If you want the EXACT look of glass make sure it’s high quality cast PMMA acrylic and NOT any of the other inferior types of acrylics or polymers (such as high gloss PVC/Vinyl). Because these inferior acrylics and polymers have way to much flex. Plus they don’t look identical to glass no matter how much they say they do!

Whereas cast PMMA acrylic sits straight against a wall, other acrylics and polymers are more flexible and ‘bendy’ which means they can hug a wall, mirroring any imperfections.

Innovative Splashbacks use a world renowned brand of acrylic (cast PMMA) which has over 80 years of proven and trusted worldwide use. This acrylic is the best polymer/acrylic on the world market, envied and used in both residential and commercial applications ranging from aircraft windows and windscreens, commercial aquariums, glazing in place of glass, ice hockey protection screens to even bone cement.

The company knows "design perfection requires supply perfection" and that’s exactly what Innovative Splashbacks products and service offer.

Innovative Splashbacks have been providing commercial and residential clients all over Australia with our printed acrylic splashbacks for over five years.

The company is proudly Australia's printed acrylic/polymer splashback trailblazers; no one has been doing printed acrylic/polymer splashbacks longer or does them better.

Here’s some quick Innovative Splashbacks features and benefits:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for residential, commercial and retail applications
  • High impact resistance: 25 x more impact-resistant than glass
  • Looks exactly like printed glass splashbacks with that same stunning depth of colour
  • 100% waterproof
  • Not affected by UV
  • Any high definition image, graphic or pattern can be printed on our superior award-winning acrylic
  • Supply your own image or work with our talented graphic designer and photographer to create a unique image for your project
  • Less flex than all the other acrylic/polymer splashbacks on the market
  • Can be installed in one quarter of the time it takes to install glass or tiles
  • Uses the highest quality acrylic/polymer in the world with over 80 years if worldwide use
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Australian made and 100% Australian owned

The stunning printed splashbacks will turn your project into a masterpiece showcasing your individuality and flair.

Suitable for virtually any vertical surface from wet areas such as showers, bathrooms to kitchens and hotel foyers…the options for Innovative Splashbacks' acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels are limitless.

Innovative Splashbacks can print any high definition digital image, graphic, photo or pattern. And if you don’t have one you can find one on image sites such as Shutterstock or iStockphoto.

Innovative Splashbacks have a graphic designer and photographer on the team who can create absolutely unique decorative splashbacks and wall art for you. The designer can assist with image layout and sizing to suit your applications, whether it’s a single panel or a collage across multiple acrylic panels.

The company is also able to make image modifications such as converting colour images to black and white and cropping and resizing photos and images. 

With the distinct advantage of understating your designs and the constraints of ensuring high quality finishes and deadlines, the Innovative Splashbacks team will ensure all projects that use our superior products go smoothly – every time.

Innovative Splashbacks will bring that touch of class to any project. Get in touch to see what a difference to your project and build Innovative Splashbacks will make.

Innovative Splashbacks

Innovative Splashbacks specialise in high quality acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels for residential and commercial applications, wet areas and virtually any vertical surface.

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