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19 November 2010

Remembering the number to call for advice on soundproofing has just been made easier by prefixing 1300 to the best known name in soundproofing materials.

This is according to marketing manager, Richard Latimer, upon announcing Pyrotek Noise Control’s new 1300WAVEBAR (1300 928 322) phone number.

“Wavebar has long been the preferred choice of noise barrier, from the building of the Sydney Opera house to the control of traffic and aircraft noise. History demonstrates Wavebar is a long-term, reliable building material for quality, cost-effective noise control.”

Being the flagship of the Pyrotek Noise Control range makes Wavebar the most easily remembered name to save specifiers having to look up the new 1300 number when they want soundproofing advice. This is not only for Wavebar but also for dozens of proven solutions to noise control problems.

Calling the direct line will connect you to your nearest regional contact throughout Australia or New Zealand.

Pyrotek Noise Control

Pyrotek Noise Control manufactures soundproofing products targeting optimum solutions for noise and vibration problems, for the marine, industrial, commercial, and building industries.

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