Bushfire alert – timber aluminium windows and doors

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22 February 2010

Australians are all too aware of the looming threat of bushfires in summer and the potential damage it can cause to homes in bushfire prone areas.

Many local councils in bushfire designated locations prohibit the use of timber building products, which is why DecoWood™ is ideal for such applications.

DecoWood™ is a beautiful and durable wood grain finish on aluminium. It combines the look and feel of timber with the strength and fire-resistance of aluminium.

Several NSW Rural Fire Service representatives have expressed enthusiasm about DecoWood™ due to the many questions they receive about low fire risk building products.

DecoWood™ resolves issues associated with timber windows and doors such as insect and bird attack, while allowing home owners to have a finish that sits beautifully with its natural surroundings.

Best of all, it is low maintenance, never requiring painting or staining.

DecoWood™ is the market leader in wood grain finishes on aluminium in Australia.

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