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4 September 2013
bulthaup b3 monoblock with laser-edge door fronts.

The early use of laser welding technology allowed bulthaup to create impressive and beautiful design solutions where joints were eliminated and surfaces seamlessly fused together. Several examples illustrate this such as the integration of the sink into the worktop as well as in the stainless steel finish of the fronts. At bulthaup, the 13 mm thick fronts are made of a light carrier plate, which is surrounded by two stainless steel half shells. The half-shells are laser-welded to the edges, and after polishing, the stainless steel front appears completely seamless, as if it were made from a single mould.

bulthaup also applies this technique to laminates. First this method was applied to worktops with a solid-core laminate edge, now it is also used for laminate fronts. The laminate edges are heated and then fused together to create an optically imperceptible seam. The advantage of this is that the bond is formed without the usual adhesive, which sometimes later on becomes visibly discoloured. With this method the fronts not only look good, they are also easy to care for. Their seamless surfaces resemble that of lacquered fronts, but the qualities and the economic characteristics of laminate surfaces offer definite advantages. In Germany, bulthaup has patented this innovative process of imperceptible seamless laminate joints.


bulthaup provides storage units and systems, and work surfaces, for kitchens and living spaces, including shelving, drawers, and cabinetry.

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