Bronze acrylic mirror ceilings in The Glass House

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30 October 2015
Bronze acrylic mirror ceilings in The Glass House
Acrylic Mirror Bronze Ceiling.

Allplastics supplied Bronze Acrylic Mirrors for a spectacular restaurant project in Hobart, Tasmania.

Bennett Constructions were commissioned to complete the fitout by the owners of The Glass House in Brooke Street Pier with spectacular views of the harbour. Bronze Mirror was chosen due to its reflective properties, ease of handling compared with glass and its weight.

The Glass House general manager, Alex Watson, commented-

“We were very impressed by the workmanship of Bennett Constructions and the result obtained by the Bronze Acrylic Mirror ceilings.”

Allplastics supplies and cuts a wide range of coloured acrylic mirrors for many applications including hospitality, retail, childcare centres and food courts where glass can be a potential hazard.

Due to the flexibility of the acrylic, the sheets need to be adhered to a flat rigid substrate, such as MDF, using adhesives recommended by Allplastics. For ceiling applications some clients also chose to apply fasteners or use a track to secure the sheets.

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