Brightgreen's DR450 is now available as an MR16

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14 May 2013
Brightgreen's DR450 is now available as an MR16
Brightgreen's DR450 LED downlight is the affordable, extremely efficient alternative to 35w halogens

At only $35 RRP, the new DR450 MR16 LED downlight is an affordable and extremely efficient alternative to 35W halogens.

The DR450 MR16 gives users 450 lumens of brightness on just 7 watts, cutting lighting costs by 80%.

Because the DR450 is so efficient, it will pay for itself in just 1 year if used 12 hours a day, or 1 year and 10 months if used 6 hours a day.

“The DR450’s compact body fits easily into smaller spaces for faster and easier retrofitting. And because it fits into existing fascias, it allows people greater freedom with their interior designs.” said Brightgreen CEO and head product designer, David O’Driscoll.

The DR450 is ideal for general illumination or accent lighting everywhere from homes and offices to retail outlets, hotels and restaurants.


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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