Brightgreen W series v2.0 wall lights now with even higher CRI

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1 March 2013
Brightgreen W series v2.0 wall lights now with even higher CRI
Brightgreen W series wall lights offer diffuse or direct light and are available in Cube and Curve.

With an amazing score of 93 on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), the W series 2.0 of LED wall lights offers exceptional light quality. Higher CRI allows the eye to pick up the subtlest variations in colour, making everything appear more vibrant and beautiful. This means that the W series presents every interior in its best light, bringing materials and furnishings to life.

The W Series is incredibly versatile, creating everything from direct floods of bright light washing over walls and ceilings, to soft diffuse glows for bedrooms and lounges, to high quality orientation lighting in halls and stairwells.

The W900 Cube and W200 Cube give you even greater control, allowing you to switch between direct and diffuse beams at a push of the diffuser paddle.

The W Series is specially designed to complement Brightgreen’s D-Series, ensuring continuity of aesthetic in your spaces.

The simple one-part construction means easier installation. And not only does it offer supreme efficiency, it also boasts a lifespan of 70,000 hours and a 7 year warranty.

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