Brightgreen’s world-first Chameleon technology preview

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8 August 2012
Brightgreen’s world-first Chameleon technology preview

Australian LED designers Brightgreen will preview their world-first Chameleon technology, which affords users more control over mood creation, at this year’s Herald Sun Home Show.

The revolutionary Chameleon series enables users to control a light’s colour temperature and adjust the mood of their space from cool white to warm white without changing rooms.

“We’ve been working on Chameleon for a while and are thrilled to be able to share it with everyone at the Home Show,” said Brightgreen CEO and head product designer, David O’Driscoll.

“By giving users control over light colour, they can make sure their spaces reflect their moods – be it shifting from a work-oriented cool white to the relaxed and cosy feel that warm white light provides.”

Chameleon capabilities have been embedded into Brightgreen’s award-winning D900 Curve and Cube LED downlights. The technology works with Clipsal C-Bus and other similar home automation systems, allowing for seamless install.

Chameleon enabled D900 Cube and Curve will be available in October, compatible with C-BUS. In addition to previewing Chameleon, Brightgreen’s Herald Sun Home Show booth at Q10 will also feature:

  • Brightgreen lighting specialists on hand to make lighting suggestions and recommendations
  • Brightgreen’s interactive Light Tunnel featuring award-winning products including D900 Curve and Cube LED downlights, as well as the DR700 retrofit halogen replacement bulb

Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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