Brightgreen launches the DR700 v2 MR16

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20 June 2013
Brightgreen launches the DR700 v2 MR16
The new and improved DR700 v2 MR16 LED halogen replacement bulb.

Brightgreen presents the latest addition to its retrofit range; the new and improved DR700 v2 MR16 LED halogen replacement bulb.

With enhanced optics, a stylish sleek front, and an exceptional dimming range, the DR700 v2 MR16 is better than ever.

Retrofitting is even easier thanks to a more compact body to fit into smaller spaces.

The 10.5watt DR700 v2 MR16 provides all the brightness of a 50watt halogen bulb using only 20% of the energy. It is so efficient in fact, that it will pay for itself in 14 months with 10 hours use a day. Payback is even faster for NSW and Victorian residents under the ESS and VEET energy efficiency schemes. Customers can visit the retrofit calculator at or download the Brightgreen app to work out their own savings and payback period.

Notable features include:

  • Modified electronics ensuring exceptional dimming functionality, including lower dimming than ever
  • Compact body for fitting into smaller spaces
  • Compatibility with a wider range of existing fascias
  • Available in 40° or 60° beam angles, and in colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K

Brightgreen continues to revolutionise the retrofit market by providing long-life, energy efficient LED bulbs as an easy-to-install alternative to halogen bulbs. The DR700 has earned a United Nations Association of Australia award in recognition of its efficiency and ecological excellence. Visit the DR700 product page at for more information.


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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