Brightgreen launches surface-mounted LED downlights

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30 January 2014
Brightgreen launches surface-mounted LED downlights
No cut-outs? No worries! Brightgreen launches surface-mounted LED downlights.

Melbourne based premium LED lighting company Brightgreen has expanded its Curve range of round-beam interior lighting to include two surface-mounted downlights – the powerful D900 SH Curve and its smaller counterpart, the D400 SH Curve.

The products are the first in a collection of surface-mounted LED downlights to be introduced into Brightgreen’s repertoire during 2014 – part of an initiative to broaden the group’s offering for spaces that have ceilings made from concrete, marble and other hard-to-cut materials.

The D900 SH Curve downlight provides 900 lumens of high-quality Tru-Colour light in an evenly spread 45˚ beam. It has a market-leading efficacy of 59 lumens per Watt, meaning superb illumination using less energy.

The D400 SH Curve downlight delivers a focused 36˚ 400-lumen beam of Tru-Colour light that is ideal for illuminating alcoves and highlighting design details.

Both surface-mounted downlights feature an integrated driver and come in a warm, flattering 3000K colour temperature in either a black or white finish.

The surface-mounted collection delivers Brightgreen’s signature efficiency, brightness, longevity (70,000 hours) and quality, including unbeatable Tru-Colour light quality with a CRI rating of 93 – a superb colour rendering index score that is above and beyond the majority of LED products on the market – to bring interior colours and details to life.

Key product features include:

  • Surface mount that is suitable for hard-to-cut ceilings and walls;
  • White finish matches Dulux Lexicon HLF STR PWIG9H, Wattyl ‘Wiltshire’ E14w and Taubmans Moonlit Snow paints for a perfectly integrated look;
  • Integrated driver;
  • Durable aluminium body;
  • Exceptional Tru-Colour light quality with a CRI rating of 93;
  • Recessed lens for minimal glare;
  • 70,000 hours product lifespan;
  • 7 years warranty for the luminaire, and 5 years warranty for the driver.

The D900 SH Curve and D400 SH Curve are available February 2014 priced at $199 RRP and $99 RRP respectively. For more information, visit


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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