Brightgreen launch the SL3500 shoplighter

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21 March 2013

Thanks to Australian LED lighting company, Brightgreen Pty Ltd, a shoplighter is now available that offers all the brightness of a premium 200 w halogen without the high power bills.

With an RRP of just $149, the SL3500 means that replacing halogen shoplighters makes even more financial sense.

“The SL3500 will give you almost 22 lumens per dollar, compared to just 14.5 for a standard LED shoplighter” explained Brightgreen CEO and head product designer, David O’Driscoll.

The SL3500 has an operating power of just 38 w but emits 3192 lumens of brightness. This adds up to 84 lumens per watt, compared to 16 lumens per watt for a halogen equivalent.

The SL3500 is fully adjustable, so you can tilt it 60 degrees with a simple push.

Scoring 82 on the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and available in a range of colour temperatures, it’s ideal for offices, retail, hospitality and industrial applications.

Top 5 features:

  • 3192 lumens of brightness – equal to a 200 w halogen
  • Operating power of just 38 w
  • Great value, at only $149 (Recommended Retail Price)
  • 40,000 hour lifespan - twenty times that of a halogen
  • Covered by a 3 year warranty

The SL3500 is yet another innovation from the company that created the DR700 - the world’s first LED downlight to surpass the brightness of a 50watt halogen – and the D900 Cube – the world’s first square-beamed LED downlight.


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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