Brightgreen DR700 cleans up at Premierʼs Sustainability Awards

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5 October 2012

Brightgreenʼs energy-efficient LED retrofit bulb, the DR700, has taken out the Premierʼs Sustainability Award in the products or services category, as well as the coveted Premierʼs Recognition Award.

After being listed as finalists in the products or services category, the Premierʼs Recognition Award was an unexpected coup, with Brightgreen being declared overall winners out of the finalists from each category.

The awards recognise excellence in sustainable innovation, which is the heart of Brightgreenʼs design philosophy, and a core foundation of Brightgreenʼs brand.

Brightgreen chief designer and CEO David OʼDriscoll was exceptionally pleased with the wins, saying that the awards give Brightgreen vindication as having the most efficient LED lighting products available.

“Both these awards provide further credibility that our LED lights are the most sustainable on the market, leading in efficiency, brightness and light quality. We are thrilled to be recognised on a state level and are looking forward to entering again next year”, said OʼDriscoll.

The DR700 is the worldʼs first LED replacement bulb to match the brightness of an average 50 W halogen with 720 lumens, but uses just 10 W to do so.

Adding to this, the DR700 has a superior CRI (colour rendering index) of 90 and is compatible with all existing dimmers and transformers.

In a further vote of confidence, the DR700 has been approved for rebates by both the Victorian and NSW governments, with the bulb qualifying respectively for VEET and ESS.


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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