BridgeClimb uses clear-PEP® UV PC STAGE 40

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7 November 2012

BridgeClimb, in Sydney’s historic Rocks district, is a popular tourist destination where visitors can experience the magnificent views of the harbour city from the top of the iconic “coat hanger”. Allplastics Engineering supplied the venue with the Stage 40 Translucent clear-PEP® Panel which was used for its illuminated reception counter.

The material was chosen due to its unique geometry, scratch resistance and exceptionally strong structure. It endures the trials and tribulations of customers leaning against the panels often with backpacks rubbing the counter front.

Key features

• Anti slip surface (DIN rating) • Easy installation • Easy to handle • Excellent UV and weather resistance • Exceptional load capacity • Innovative translucent optic • Load capacity up to 500 kg/sqm • Meets AUST BCA fire tests • Outstanding scratch resistance

Applications and functions

• Automobile and boat • Awnings • Counter fronts • Illuminated floors and landings • Pathways and walkways • Showroom flooring • Stairs • Trafficable mezzanines • TV sets • Outstanding scratch resistance

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