BoscoLighting's new LED Module

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23 April 2014
BoscoLighting's new LED Module
12 W LED module designed for oyster light fittings.

BoscoLighting introduces a 12 W LED module designed for common oyster light fittings. This module comes with an easy-to-replace design principle that saves time and labour on replacing CFL lamps for oyster lights with energy saving LEDs.

Key features of the BoscoLighting 12 W LED module:

  • Power consumption: 12 W to replace up to 36 W CFL lamp, saves up to 70% energy
  • Brightness: 1020 lumens with Cool White (6000-6500 K) delivering the bright enough illumination in any applications including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and balconies
  • Lifespan: Up to 40,000 hours compared to 8,000 hours only for common CFL lamps
  • Easy-to-replace installation: This LED module comes with pre-connected LED driver and magnet components, the only thing you need to do after dumping the CFL lamps is to connect the LED module to the power point pins inside then stick the module to the oyster light fitting

This 12 W LED module has highly efficient LED chips and the price is competitive.


BoscoLighting is one of Australia’s leading lighting manufacturers, specialising in high quality LED lighting solutions.

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