Boral talks brick trend with Design Award winner Phillip Nielsen

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12 November 2012
Boral talks brick trend with Design Award winner Phillip Nielsen
Phillip Nielsen 'Flamingo Lane' Boral Design Awards 2012 winner.

In his 2012 Boral Design Awards winning entry, Brisbane-based designer Phillip Nielsen featured Boral bricks in an arched design to increase the perceived capacity of smaller living spaces. The use of bricks also ensured acoustic separation between the residential dwellings.

What's the most common question clients ask about bricks?
Typically clients are concerned about the stylishness of bricks. Sure, bricks have pretty much been around since the dawn of time but that also means some of the most timeless, beautiful pieces of architecture in history are constructed with brick.

What's your favourite use for bricks?
Bricks are so tactile and familiar. I enjoy using bricks where you can touch them, such as a window seat or bench top.

How has the use of bricks in residential and commercial construction changed in recent years?
I think in the last few years peoples’ opinion and use of bricks has dramatically changed. Bricks are used in new, exciting and experimental ways. Whilst bricks as a material remain relatively unchanged, their variety and application is constantly evolving.

Bricks are used a lot more in commercial projects, specifically retail interiors. It would be nice to see more brick interiors for residential projects.

What interesting things can you do with bricks?
Arches and vaulted ceilings are great for achieving a dynamic form and volume, curving a brick wall in plan can be just as effective in reality.

What are the latest trends in bricks for residential projects?
Dark bricks are extremely popular. From an architectural perspective, there is a growing minimalist trend in Australian projects. Clean lines and pale bricks are becoming more prominent. I like to use lighter colour palettes - sand coloured bricks are great with pale timbers and concrete.

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