Billi launches unprecedented tap options

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22 November 2012
Billi launches unprecedented tap options
Billi XL Levered dispenser with XI Font.

Following close collaboration with architects, designers, consumers and staff, Billi is pleased to offer an exclusive new range of dual temperature taps. The result is a clean, sophisticated and minimalist style yet with an unprecedented range of options and of course complying with all safety, access and mobility standards.

XL Levered Dispenser is our now our standard tap on all boiling and chilled and boiling and ambient systems. Simple operation with position sensitive levers delivers either instant boiling or chilled water.

XT Touch Dispenser is an innovative, contemporary tap with no levers for an exceptionally clean and sophisticated style. All operation is from an easy to use touch pad at the top of the tap.

XR Remote Dispenser is another lever free version, however with the operation panel located away from the tap. This can be installed in a location to meet specific design and access requirements.

XI Integrated Font is designed to perfectly complement the new tap range and is a fully integrated drain font. Designed to be either surface mounted or recessed completely flush into the bench top for the ultimate in clean modern styling.

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Billi’s Aqua Genius takes everyday tap water and makes it so much better. Right back to the way nature intended. Pure. Filtered, boiling, chilled, sparkling. Aqua Genius, that’s Billi.

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