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14 July 2016
record Diamond Series glass roof revolving doors installed to the south lobby entry of International Towers 3, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney

Record Automatic Doors and the Australian door company it acquired in 2014, AGP Door Systems, has established a reputation over the last 25 years in Australia for pushing the boundaries of revolving door design to meet the architectural requirements of the client and provide impressive entrance systems of commercial buildings.

This has never been more evident than as now displayed with the revolving doors used at the three commercial towers of Barangaroo South in Sydney. We are currently two-thirds of the way through installing 21 of our glass roof Diamond Series revolving doors with Towers 2 and 3 already completed and Tower 1 to be finished later this year.

During the design and development process, significant care and planning went into ensuring the size of the main entry revolving doors would be able to meet the expected pedestrian traffic flows of the estimated 23,000 office workers to use the three towers. A traffic study was undertaken which concluded that 4000 mm diameter would be required to allow large groups of people to use these entrances quickly and safely.

For the recently opened International Tower 3, the concept of bigger revolving doors was taken a step further. For the south lobby entrance, the design of the surrounding podium glazing and awning required revolving doors of a much greater height and record was able to offer Diamond glass roof revolving doors at 4000 mm diameter x 3900 mm high, a size previously unheard of for a frameless glass revolving door.

The result is an airlock entrance that is on one hand bold and imposing, yet also complementary to the styling of the lobby façade and adjacent features.

Record Automatic Doors

Record Automatic Doors is part of the agta record Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. In Australia, it has been the market leader for revolving doors for over 20 years.

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