Bicycle Parking for sustainability and GreenStar points

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14 February 2012
Bicycle Parking for sustainability and GreenStar points
Providing quality bicycle parking facilities encourages people to use sustainable transport options.

End of trip bicycle parking facilities are now mandatory for many new projects. Cora Bike Rack’s new website and brochure introduce EcoSpecifier verified bicycle parking products that make it easy to comply with AS2890.3 and GreenStar guidelines.

The use of EcoProducts in building and manufacturing that have positive environmental qualities is one contribution to eliminating or reducing environmental impacts as well as minimising the human health effects of toxic and hazardous substances.

Importantly there is growing evidence that clearly demonstrates the commercial value of specifying EcoProducts. The use of EcoProducts such as Cora Bike Racks and Lockers provides not only socio‐environmental benefits but also direct and indirect business benefits such as:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Human Health
  • Commercial Advantages and Competitiveness
  • Corporate Foresight and Professional Responsibiity
  • Emerging Policies, Regulations and Standards
  • Customer and Client Demand

Cora Bike Rack designs, manufactures and supplies GreenStar compliant bicycle parking racks and lockers to encourage the use of bicycles as a sustainable form of transport and to help improve the quality of Australian communities. Cora believes that by designing better bicycle parking products, people will want to ride their bikes to more places, more often – and that’s a good thing for everyone!

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