Beyond square and rectangle timber batten shapes

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26 February 2016
Beyond square and rectangle timber batten shapes
Photo credit: Earl Carter.

The use of timber battens has long been a standard go-to technique of designers to realise texture and depth in both interior and exterior applications. Architects and interior designers have employed this aesthetic in a multitude of creative ways by specifying different timber species, as well as by varying batten length, depth, width, and spacing.

Despite this, Australian designers have long lamented the paucity of batten shapes other than the standard rectangular and square ones available in the market. To get around this design limitation, they have often resorted to having (among others) peak-, dome-, flute-, and scallop-shaped timber battens customised. While often costly and time-consuming, made-to-order timber battens in unconventional shapes often result in distinctive signatures.

The MOVE Hot Yoga studio in Melbourne (found in the image), designed by multi-disciplinary practice Hecker Guthrie, incorporates dome-shaped timber battens in its interiors as a visual and tactile manifestation of the studio's stated intention to create a revitalising and nourishing space for its patrons.

Head to Woodform's blog to understand the unconventional timber shapes that can be easily realised. Create your own unique textures in your next project.  Free download allows you to effortlessly specify and put Woodform's DWG shapes into drawings.

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