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2 May 2013

Recently the Australian Standards Waterproofing Committee (BD-13) was informed that its submission to have the External Waterproofing Standard referenced in the Building Code of Australia had been successful, and it will be called up in May 2013. As some States of Australia don’t require mandatory waterproofing inspections, this is fantastic news!

The cost of an inspection by a surveyor is trivial when compared to the cost of remedial work required when waterproofing membranes fail due to poor installation by unskilled applicators. The cost of full rectification on residential decks averages $350-$400 per m2, for commercial decks / rooftops it is $1000 per m2.

When waterproofing membranes fail in internal wet areas the cost per m2 is only slightly lower due to the policy of most insurance companies who replace all the tiles in bathrooms (in most cases the original tiles can’t be matched). This just goes to show that paying for a wet area to be inspected rather than waiting for it to fail years down the track is definitely money well invested, so make sure you get your wet areas inspected!


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