BER Schools and Latchways ManSafe System

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16 February 2010

Latchways ManSafe systems have been specified for the BER Schools.

Building the Education Revolution is an investment from the Australian Government to improve the quality of facilities in Australian schools and support jobs in the construction industry.

One of the three programs of the BER Scheme is to build schools for the 21st Century.

Schools have been equipped with solar panels and therefore need to be maintained. The Latchways ManSafe static line system provides maintenance workers with 21st Century standards of fall protection and methods of working at height.

Static line systems supersede the primitive single point eyebolt anchor in levels of safety, practicality and position in the Hierarchy of Risk Management for working at height.

As authorized suppliers and registered installers of Latchways for Australia. Eurosafe have been installing static line systems for many schools. The image above is a recently installed ManSafe static line at a school in North Sydney. The ManSafe is the same as the Sydney Harbour bridge climb. It allows workers to move quickly and securely across all areas of the roof whilst being secure at all times.

The Constant Force post is the surface mounted anchor that is designed to accommodate 3 workers at any given time. When used in conjunction with a static line multiple workers and carry out tasks like gutter cleaning, solar panel and roof inspections in an extremely safe, simple and quick manner.

If you are tendering or designing for any schools and would like more information, please contact Eurosafe Solutions.


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