Beam angle comparison chart

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8 September 2011
Beam angle comparison chart

Ever wondered why some homes, that look terrible during the day, can look glorious at night? Why some lights seem to be high powered but fail to light up the room well? Beam angles may be simple to read but understanding their importance is paramount to getting right the effect the customer is after. The amount of lighting in the room is just as important as the colour, décor and fittings. For example, an art gallery uses narrow beamed lights so that the entire focus is the art work. Hospitals or factories use wide beam angles on their lights so that every area is illuminated well. Supplying your clients needs and wants can become a difficult task but we hope this weeks email is able to help.

This week M-Elec is releasing a quick reference chart to show the BEAM ANGLE of various fittings installed at standard heights of 2.4/2.7m. This chart is designed to help you specify our range of downlights and strips into various applications. It shows the approximate spread of the light at floor level and at 900mm (for bench/desk height). It is a 'MUST HAVE' for any lighting designer or specifier to aid in the proper distribution of light.

Click here to view Beam Angle Comparison Chart.

We also have last weeks email available for download:

Click here to view LEDs against fluorescent and halogen lights.

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