Australian Made Portable Turnstile with Solar Power

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2 July 2014
Australian Made Portable Turnstile with Solar Power
TriStar FH full-height turnstile, the first Australian-made portable turnstile with solar power from Rotech

Rotech introduces the TriStar FH full-height turnstile, the first Australian-made product of its type, based on the 15 year old Sentinel FH design but with many new features and improved operation.

New features include a rotor design change to give a more open appearance, without compromising security and a soft start/stop feature making the turnstile easy-to-use and extremely safe, even for children.

The TriStar FH has a status indication feature that indicates when the turnstile is closed, in operation, or whether it has been manually released. If the status of the turnstile is interrupted for more than 10 seconds, it could be configured to start the CCTV camera for the security personnel to be able to see the cause of the interruption. It could also start flashing a warning light or trigger an alarm. For additional security, the TriStar FH can include a roof and an anti-climb mesh.

Including a battery back-up allows the turnstile to operate for up to 3000 cycles without mains power; and the eco-friendly TriStar FH can also work on solar power, solving the problem of power supply and helping to reduce costs, as the 240V power cables wouldn’t be required. With an additional portable base, the free standing turnstile is easily moveable from one site to another. It is also compatible with all access control, card and proximity systems, enabling easy integration into any security system.

Created for superior performance, the FH is a bi-directional turnstile with galvanised frame and rotor. It can also be made from 304 or 316 stainless steel and be customised to suit your needs by powder coating it in any primary colour; or on request, we could use a special colour too.

The TriStar FH is created to provide customers with a safe and secure method of access control with multiple features and comes with a 2-year guarantee on the mechanism of the turnstile. 

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