Aussie artist's design adorns luxe Seattle hotel

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23 February 2016
Aussie artist's design adorns luxe Seattle hotel
Lost Collection. 1956 by Tai Ping.

Originally established as a mariners lodging in 1910, Palladian, a Kimpton Hotel, has been reinvented with luxe amenities and vintage design elements for trendsetting entrepreneurs of today.

1956 by Tai Ping worked with Nicole Hollis's new interiors program for the Palladian Hotel. Axminster designs were selected from the Lost Collection and customized for the space.

Inspired by pattern consistencies across different histories and cultures, Lost explores emotional responses to repetition on small and grand scales.

Of the 20 pieces created for this series by an Australian artist who wishes to remain anonymous, each allows the observer to be at once confronted with a holistic perspective and aims, as well as its singular executions. The end result is an immersive experience that is at once transportive and grounding; asserting both likeness and unlikeness, history and future.

This body of work was created with the concept of interconnectedness in mind. It examines the similarities and dissonance between lineal patterns, referencing cartography, historical textiles, and cultural examples. Woven together, these references form contemporary narratives of navigation, influence, and reflection.

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