Artistic lighting with LED inground uplights

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17 November 2016
Artistic lighting with ETV100 LED linear inground uplights.

Building on the successful debut of its VLR100 LED linear mounted luminaires, WE-EF has introduced the ETV100 LED linear inground uplights. ETV100 series can be used in any situation where outdoor spaces and architecture require effective staging. The range provides the option of employing luminaires individually or as part of a series. Different distribution characteristics and colour-changing variants open up a wide range of design options for outdoor areas.

The ETV100 series is available in three lengths as standard – the smallest version, the ETV120 luminaire, measures 627 mm, while the ETV130 is 927 mm and the ETV140 measures 1,227 mm in length. With connected wattages of 15 W, 22.5 W and 30 W, the luminaires are available with colour temperatures of 3000 K or 4000 K. The ETV130-CC and ETV140-CC inground uplights also come with a colour changer, offering designers a further option for implementing dynamic, colourful lighting in outdoor areas. The RGBW variants have connected wattages of 33 W or 44 W while the electronic control gear has a DMX interface.

The use of various linear PMMA LED lens systems brings greater design freedom and provides the desired light distribution. The ETV100 series offers versions for symmetric wide [LB], medium [LM], narrow [LE] and very narrow beam [LEE] light distributions as well as for asymmetric wallwash lighting characteristics [LA10]. As an extension of the VLR100 mounted luminaire series, this new series provides a finely co-ordinated range of luminaire instruments for artistic linear illumination from ground level.

ETV100 LED linear inground uplights have an IP67 protection rating and can, therefore, be freely deployed in both indoor and outdoor areas as they are optimally protected against the ingress of water and dust. Installation could not be easier as the luminaires are delivered ex-works already prewired and do not need to be opened for installation. Intelligent engineering – made by WE-EF. 2016 IES Illumination Award of Merit.


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