Anti-Slip Anywhere provides safety solutions to Canberra builder

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16 April 2015
Anti-Slip Anywhere provides safety solutions to Canberra builder

The highly respected local builder of this child care centre in Canberra urgently required Disability Standards 2010 legislation compliant tactile indicators and anti slip stair nosing to complete the project. They contacted Anti-Slip Anywhere to provide them with a cost effective and quickly available solution.

The company proposed to use the high quality polyurethane tactile tiles and the Safe Grip Ultimate anti slip stair nosing. It was important that the required luminance contrast be achieved with both floor safety solutions.

The black colour was chosen both for the anti slip stair nosing as well as for the tactile tiles as it has provided a very strong and in excess luminance contrast both on the external concrete and internal tiled stairs, and it will not show up dirt like a lighter colour may.

Due to the urgency the Anti-Slip Anywhere Team has travelled to Canberra and have completed the work over the weekend to the client's total satisfaction.

Both non slip solutions will provide a sustainable slip resistance in excess of the required slip resistance standard associated handbook recommendations. This will ensure that the products will provide a sustainable, long term and cost effective solution.

The client appreciated the fast and professional response.

Anti-Slip Anywhere is offering a unique, sustainable and mainly environmentally friendly remedial and disability solution range for virtually any surfaces and situations. The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of situations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network© members.

For further information about how Anti-Slip Anywhere can assist you with you can contact Global Safe Technologies Australia at 1300 668 620 or +612 9609 4685 from other countries or visit our website

In other parts of the world regarding to sustainable remedial treatments please contact our Global Safety Surfaces network© members;

In North America, please visit our Global Safety Surfaces network© partner’s website or contact Anti-Slip Anywhere at (604) 582-SAFE(7233), or North America wide Toll Free at 1 (855) 582-7233

In Spain please contact Global Systems on 937 802 493

In Singapore and other Asian countries please visit our Global Safety Surfaces network© partner’s website or contact Supa Safe Pte Ltd on +65 9001 4512.

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