Another award for Vacuum Toilets

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11 November 2012
Another award for Vacuum Toilets

As Jets vacuum toilet technology, from Vacuum Toilets Australia Pty Ltd, continues its march into the industry, awards are coming thick and fast.

Mr John Neskudla, Managing Director of Vacuum Toilets Australia, proudly accepted the Selector product of the year 2012 at the Design Build exhibition in Sydney.

Mr Neskudla said "The Selector product of the year award has confirmed our belief and strong commitment to the Jets Vacuum Toilets Systems. We know the benefits using vacuum toilets can bring to the industry. We have been actively introducing the technology since 2009 and to have recognition so soon is testament to the product."

Vacuum Toilets have been fitted to Melbourne Water's new Head Quarters at 990 La Trobe Street and currently are being fitted to the Legion House project in Sydney. Several other large projects are now under way and the company sees a clear market indication of things to come.

"We see a bright future for Vacuum Toilets Australia because the product has proven itself over and over again" he continued, "Vacuum Toilets are the designers dream as they can be placed anywhere in a design without regards to gravity fall and, piping diameters of 50 mm and 75 mm allow huge space and cost savings across the board. The client has increased scope to organise the layout the way they want (not the way gravity dictates) and will see savings in water usage and waste production of 90%." Neskudla continued.

Besides the 0.8 litres per flush water savings, the system offers many other benefits. Generally installed using the Blucher push fit sanitary drainage system installation is a greatly simplified operation. All bends and connectors used in a vacuum piping system design are available from Blucher. There is no cutting or welding or glueing required. The piping system can be in place behind walls and in ceiling cavities with pans ready for installation at any time in the build process even after tiling has been completed. It is also possible (as was done on the Melbourne Water project) to open up a few middle level floors during the build process thus allowing workers access to toilets without having to travel to ground. This access to mid level toilets speeds up the build process immensely.

"Not only do Vacuum Toilets give benefits to the designers and owners, but major benefits are realised by the users. When a vacuum toilet is flushed, approximately 60-100 litres of air are drawn down into the pan, this leaves the cubicle clean and fresh for the next user. One of our major customers, Splashdown Event Services recently won the Australian Event Awards "Best Product & Service" category for best toilets at an event for 2012.

The Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, showing La Traviata, was serviced by Splashdown Event Services with their corporate toilets using Jets vacuum technology" Said Mr Neskudla " Splashdown Event Services, under the masterful direction of the Director, Mr Des Wittingslow, is blazing a trail that others will find hard to follow. They have the best possible solution for events and are using it to the best advantage off its wide customer base" continued Mr Neskudla. "Splashdown Event Services are leading the market in all aspects and we are very proud to be associated with their success", he said.

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