Adelaide Glass Blocks introduces stunning Mendini range

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18 April 2011
Adelaide Glass Blocks introduces stunning Mendini range

Adelaide Glass Blocks is excited to introduce the new Mendini range of glass blocks from world renowned glass block manufacturer Seves. The Mendini glass blocks are Italian designed and handcrafted and range from bold ruby red to deep blue and contrasting black and white. They have all of the features of our standard range of blocks, including soundproofing and privacy, but with the beauty and style that colour can bring to a room.

“Our Mendini collection, with its range of colours, introduces a new element to interior design” says Adelaide Glass Blocks Managing Director, Tim Murtagh. The unique mirroring of the block’s interior edges produces an optical effect that reduces the perception of gaps between the glass blocks and renders the glass surface luminous.

Tim says that Mendini blocks are perfect for contemporary interiors that demand style and beautiful aesthetics, whilst providing practical solutions such as privacy screens, security and partition walls. “They are also the solution for spaces which require soundproofing and thermal insulation, whilst creating light and colour which adds elegance and style to interiors”, he says.

Adelaide Glass Blocks was established in 1990 and is the market leader in glass blocks in South Australia. “We are committed to bringing the latest trends in glass block design and construction to Australia”, Tim says. “Our glass blocks are the ideal alternative to mortar and bricks, glass windows or anywhere natural light and privacy are needed. They contribute to a building’s energy efficiency whilst presenting innovative options to create stunning interiors and decorative elements to exterior architecture”.

The versatile elegance of glass blocks can be used to create beautiful features that have practical, beneficial effects.

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Glass blocks from Adelaide Glass Blocks can be used as splashbacks, windows, walls, screens, roofs and flooring.

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