Add charm with Boral Opaline bricks

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16 January 2013
Add charm with Boral Opaline bricks
Boral Opaline bricks add heritage charm.

New home builders seeking a rustic look without the tumbled edges now have more choice with the new Opaline brick offering –part of the Boral Escura bricks range.

The Opaline brick range includes three colours: terracotta base Tourmaline, red base Garnet and brown base Tiger Eye, which can integrate with existing brickwork or provide a traditional influence to newly built homes. The weathered-style brick highlights the beauty and variation of clay.

Through reduced exposure to oxygen in the manufacturing process, Opaline bricks are left with a mottled colouration, and no two bricks are the same. Therefore, the craft of blending by the brick layer is of particular importance in creating a beautifully random affect.

Although a contemporary shape with straight edges and smooth face, Boral Escura Opaline bricks are characterised by crazing, giving them a heritage charm often sought after in some new brick homes.

The Opaline brick range has the appeal of times gone by while still being design focused and versatile for today's building designs.

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