Acoustic enclosures solve noise problem at Alpha Beta

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29 August 2012
Acoustic enclosures solve noise problem at Alpha Beta

A diversified technology company providing customers and communities with innovative products and services recently acquired Alpha Beta Global Tapes and Adhesives Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of box-sealing and masking tape headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Noise Problem

Alpha Beta found that the noise levels from machines on the manufacturing site were well above the 85 dBA level deemed safe. High noise in the work place impairs performance and can cause hearing loss and fatigue in workers. Alpha Beta sought a sound solution as occupational noise exposure is one of the most common physical stressors to which industrial workers are exposed. With machinery covering over 10,000 m² of the production facility, expert advice was sought from leading noise control companies. Pyrotek was one of three companies that were short-listed to take on the challenge. With its vast experience and local engineering support, Pyrotek was awarded the contract to reduce the noise level below 85dbA.

Developing a Solution

Working with their Occupational Health and Safety Managers, Pyrotek conducted numerous noise measurements and found that most equipment generated noise levels greater than 95 dBA. A group of machines on a designated floor space were identified as requiring immediate treatment to reduce their noise level emissions. A number of site visits were conducted to discuss and design a solution to the acoustic issues that would not disrupt production.

In contrast to many other projects, Pyrotek could not just simply insulate the machinery as the noise was far too high. Instead, a two-step approach was used. Firstly, the side panels of the equipment were insulated using Sorberbarrier; this reduced the vibration and helped absorb and reflect the immediate noise generated by the machinery. Secondly, to ensure maximum noise reduction, a curtain was installed completely around the enclosure using Wavebar Outdoor supported by an engineered metal support frame. A series of flexible Wavebar barrier/absorption panels were fabricated and secured to the frame using eyelets and hooks. The panels were joined together using Velcro to provide accessibility when needed.


Pyrotek was contracted to create a complete turnkey solution. On completion, the technicians at Pyrotek and Alpha Beta carried out measurements and found that, after applying the acoustic curtain, noise had been reduced to levels as low as 81 dBA. The Wavebar curtain not only decreased the amount of noise to a level allowing safe work practices but also blended with the subtle aesthetics of the manufacturing plant.

Pleased with the result, Pyrotek is currently in the process of designing a second curtain for Alpha Beta. Prospects for executing work on the remaining machines are promising.

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