Accredited Systems: Is your reputation being protected?

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8 March 2013

As you are aware, the Building Industry has gone through many changes, for the better, with regard to the use of EIFS (External Insulating Finishing Systems), or more commonly known as Polystyrene Wall Cladding Systems, used on building projects in Victoria.

Currently, only systems accredited to conform with the requirements of the NCC (National Construction Code, formally the BCA) – systems such as the Unitex Baseboard System – can be applied to housing projects. Product only based appraisals are not always acceptable under the NCC as recent warnings have strongly indicated. However, the Unitex Baseboard System is Australia’s leading accredited system on the market with Codemark compliance, Branz Appraisal (the most rigorous testing authority in the Southern Hemisphere), and BRAC Accreditation.

Many architects, building designers and builders have specified or been quoted, and in many instances paid for, the supply and installation of the accredited Unitex Baseboard System, who are then to discover what has been installed on their project is either:

a) based on substituted components, missing crucial components of the system, thin and non-compliant coatings, or b) not the Unitex Baseboard System at all.

In many of these instances, what has been installed and rendered is required to be completely removed.

In order to prevent this from occurring on your project, it is highly recommended that you involve Unitex at the beginning of each project so that they can assist in ensuring you are receiving the fully compliant system, the leading accredited system that majority of building surveyors will sign off as conforming in full. Unitex only provide accreditation documentation to fully compliant projects. These information letters are also proved freely to AIBS (Australian Institute of Building Surveyor) members.

Involvement on site:

Speak to your builder and/or applicator on site. Make sure they provide you with documented proof that they are delivering to you, and your client, a fully accredited system backed up by the system originator (accredited system supplier). However, the only real proof is that the accredited system supplier comes on site and backs up the applicator with dual warranties.

Unitex recommends the following specification clause:

Unitex Baseboard System – CodeMark accredited to comply with the NCC – the leading Australian CodeMark accredited full system.

Unitex recommends for you and your clients safety and protection to use Unitex Baseboard System as your external cladding. This is because it ALWAYS works, and offers the highest wall insulation R-values available for greener buildings. As the leading fully accredited full cladding system in Australia – your design specification and reputation is firmly protected.

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