A spectacular chandelier for the Epping Club

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30 July 2013
A spectacular chandelier for the Epping Club

A project brief supplied to Di Emme Creative Solutions by Split Watermelon Design and the Epping Club recently resulted in the installation of a spectacular multi-tiered chandelier.

Di Emme sourced samples of the crystal to be used, and made a prototype section of the chandelier for presentation. This prototype helped confirm the interior lighting configuration at the club, in conjunction with consultants Haron Robson.

Engineered and fabricated at the Di Emme studios, the chandelier frame was designed to be carried into the club foyer in sections. Final welding and finishing took place inside the club during the night. Mirrored stainless steel cladding was used for external framework rings and for suspension of the crystal.

Completion of the structure involved attaching some 2,220 individual strands of crystal, including around one hundred thousand individual crystal pieces, to the chandelier's five tiers. Internal LED lamps offer bright, energy-efficient illumination that lets the crystals show their full prismatic qualities, reflected through the foyer space.

The chandelier's final visual effect is the appearance of a vast array of sparkling crystals that seemingly hover in the air.

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